Call for UK representatives

InCom WG 242 – Permanent Floating Houses along the Inland Waterway Banks and Infrastructure

MarCom WG 243 – Design, Maintenance and Sustainability of Container Terminal Pavements – update WG 165

For each WG we are looking for:

  • A full member and
  • A young professional member (under 40)

For InCom WG 242 *Besides applying for membership of this Working Group (InCom WG 242), interested candidates can also put forward their candidacy to chair the WG.

The attached Chair’s letter and documents from PIANC International provide more information on these positions.  Applicants should be an Individual or an employee of a Corporate PIANC member or otherwise be willing to join as a member. 

If you or one of your colleagues would like to be considered for one (or both) of these positions, please provide a CV that clearly highlights relevant experience, to the PIANC UK Secretariat, no later than 9am on Wednesday 23rd March 2022.

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